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I recently had the pleasure of spending 5 minutes with Denise Plante of Kosi 101 and KUSA’s Colorado & Company and discussed a family scare, career advice, and embarrassing moments.

JG: Thank you Denise, for your time. Your family experienced a very scary and tough situation when your son swallowed some magnets earlier this year. How is he and the rest of your family doing and what message can you share about that experience?

DP: Wyatt is doing fantastic now.  It was a horrible and scary experience for him and our entire family.  To think a toy he got for Christmas almost killed him.  There were so many people, that we really didn’t even know, praying for him.  We received so many emails and messages saying they would continue to pray for him until he was home and healthy…it worked!  THANK YOU!  The Lord taught our family a very important lesson:  As long as your family is healthy and happy, all in life is good.

JG: You have 20 years in radio and counting. You certainly have been able to find success in Denver. What’s your secret?

DP: I’m blessed that I found my passion and was able to get a pay check out of it :)  I think when you find your passion, it doesn’t feel like work so much.  I go in each day and have fun, meet new people and learn new things….pretty great job or jobs :)

JG: How did you get your start in radio?

DP: I started pushing buttons in Lake Havasu City, AZ  at “HOT 101″  and when an opportunity looked my way, I marched into the bosses office and said “Give me a chance, I can do this!”  He believed it and I moved my way up.

JG: What’s your most memorable experience thus fair over the years?

DP: It was wonderful to meet part of the Kennedy Family and I was also pretty excited to meet Garth Brooks, I’m a HUGE fan.  I just wish I didn’t tell him I was so nervous and my arm pits were sweating…..really embarrassing now that I think about it…..he even turned red!

JG: Of course I must ask, what’s your most embarrassing on-air memory?

DP: I passed out while hosting  the live TV show Colorado and Company.  I was in the middle of a segment and felt everything going black.  I was smart enough to throw to break in the middle of the segment and thank goodness my director knew there was something wrong, so he went straight to commercials.  When I woke up, I was on the ground laying on pillows with everyone surrounding me.  I came down with the flu two days later.

JG: Speaking of, you’re also an Emmy winner for your work hosting “Colorado & Company” on KUSA/NBC, which is a testament to your talents. That award puts you with some very good company but also, does an award like that add more pressure?

DP: No, just do your best each day.  The rest will all fall  into place.

JG: Is there anything about the business you dislike?

DP: People come in and out of your life quickly in this biz and so it’s difficult to build strong friendships.  Most people move around the country a lot in radio/tv, I’m lucky and blessed that I’ve been able to stay in Colorado for so long.

JG: What advice can you offer to a young aspiring female radio/television personality?

DP: Work hard, educate yourself, and enjoy the ride.  My downfall is sometimes I don’t enjoy the journey.  I’m too busy on improving.  Enjoy the moment and let what may come next happen when it’s supposed to.

JG: What would you like to leave your followers/fans with?

DP: Thank  you for giving me this opportunity and actually being part of my family.  I learned the power of tv and radio when my son went thru so much.  Viewers/listeners really do care about you and want to see you happy each day as well.  So thank you for all of your support!  :)

Denise Plante everyone! You can follow Denise at www.kosi101.com as well as listen weekdays on Kosi 101.1 FM from 5am – 9am and on KUSA channel 9′s Colorado and Company weekdays at 10am.


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